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May 30, 2013

A Website Designed to Ease a Heavy Load

Loadtest is a world leader in deep foundation load testing. When there are plans to build a massive structure such as a high-rise corporate building, bridge, hotel, etc., the engineers must inspect the integrity of the foundation on which to build the structure. Loadtest has been the leader in providing the testing and information necessary to save millions of dollars in construction costs by making sure the construction companies have the factual evidence necessary to build the structures correctly the first time.


Loadtest came to Adbiz with the challenge of building a website for a company that has offices all over the world and clients that speak several languages. It needed to be engaging, offer a large amount of information and be available in different languages.

Before this project started, they had different websites for each region they operated in. Each of those sites had a different design and was maintained by the people in that region. For instance, the North American site was built and maintained at their main office in Gainesville, Florida, whereas their European site was handled by their London office and their Asian website handled by their office in Singapore. They had a difficult time maintaining brand consistency with the three different sites.


Adbiz came up with the idea to build the site within an easy-to-use content management system. That way, no matter who updated the site, the design would keep consistent with the company’s brand. And, with all the different regions they work in around the world, we decided to build four interconnecting sub-sites that would all fall under the brand umbrellas of Loadtest.com. There would be a website for The Americas, one for Europe and Africa, one for the Middle East and finally a fourth for Asia and Oceania. We were also able to build the site so that each page could be selected in several languages, and as one browsed through the site, one could change the language of any given page with a click of the mouse.


As a client of ours for over a decade, Adbiz helped Loadtest with everything from print ad design and brochures to trade show displays and promotional giveaway items, including a yearly, high-end calendar.

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