Florida Septic Inc.

March 20, 2014

A Concrete Solution for Trade Show Trials and Tribulations
Florida Septic Inc. has been in business since 1965 and is the state’s largest manufacturer of concrete wastewater receptacles. As a family-owned and operated business, owner Susan Finley came to Adbiz looking to revamp their brand. Eye-catching design and poignant copy is not necessarily something their industry focuses on. Understanding this fact, Florida Septic asked Adbiz to help create new print ads, an updated brochure, and a new website to help them gain that extra advantage that would help them continue to dominate their market and set the bar for the industry.

We even designed and constructed custom signage that now adorns their manufacturing facilities and headquarters in Hawthorne, Florida, so that the Florida Septic brand is kept consistent inside and out.

Our favorite project to work on with Florida Septic, though, had to deal with their trade show presentation materials. In years running up to their working with Adbiz, they had actually been bringing one of their gigantic crane trucks and a 5,000 gallon concrete tank to exhibit on the trade show floor. Now, where the impressive size of the tank and truck brought interest from all attendees, it was costing them tens of thousands of dollars each time they wanted to participate in these shows. We were tasked with figuring out a way to lower the annual cost of their trade show exhibit while maintaining the excitement and draw that their crane and tank setup had brought them in the past.

Adbiz had an answer to their dilemma: a promotional DVD. This digital video format would allow us to show the operational side of the business, how the tanks were manufactured and delivered, who the people involved actually were and the size and scope of Florida’s largest concrete wastewater receptacle manufacturer.

Adbiz shot some great footage and put together a 10-minute promotional DVD with a deep male voiceover and some motivating rock music to pull it all together. We even designed the packaging to include a second disk with mechanical drawings of all their available products.

Next, we went with a 50” Panasonic plasma screen fit with some hi-fi speakers all mounted on a steel-constructed TV stand to match the rugged feel of the entire presentation. We also added two, six-foot tall window-shade type banners featuring their corporate colors and logo, one for each side of the screen.

To tie it all together for easy traveling, we added a custom-made road case on wheels that could fit everything including the screen, DVD player, speaker stand and banners. We had taken everything they needed to make a statement at the trade show and fit it all into an easy rolling case. Total time to set up the screen, speakers, DVD player and banners was less than 15 minutes.

Needless to say, Florida Septic did indeed make a big splash at their next trade show.
They gave away more than 300 copies of their promotional DVD, gathered a large pool of sales prospects, and they will never have to bring their old crane and tank setup and spend tens of thousands of dollars per trade show visit again.

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