Coastal Recycling Services

March 20, 2014

Recycling a Brand

Coastal Recycling Services is one of the largest waste disposal and recycling companies in Northern Florida. They came to us only having a logo and a very basic website. The principals of the company, having just taken over the business, needed Adbiz to take their marketing to the next level.

They knew their website needed a facelift to start with, but on a broader marketing spectrum, they wanted to build greater market visibility in their area, especially in terms of their commercial and residential waste removal customers.

With logo in hand, our design team stepped up and created a beautiful new website, corporate identity package, direct mail pieces and billboards to help get the word out that Coastal Recycling Services was at the top of its game, under new management, and would be offering the best available service in Northern Florida.

Through the use of clean design, some motion graphics, and a clear marketing message, we were able to help Coastal Recycling Services gain the recognition the company desired in their community. We even expanded beyond the marketing basics and built new signage fashioned out of recycled aluminum for their headquarters.

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