Climb for Cancer Foundation

March 20, 2014

50 States, 50 Peaks, 1 Goal

The Climb For Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization that organizes mountain climbing exhibitions and other events to raise money in the fight against cancer and that provides support services for those battling the disease. The founders of the Climb For Cancer Foundation, Ron and Dianne Farb, came to Adbiz for help with a great idea for a nationwide climbing event. The concept was to have teams in each of the 50 states climbing to the highest peak in each state, all on the same day. Each team would be responsible for their own local fundraising efforts, and together, the event would raise a great deal of money to help fund cancer research.

We named the event “50-50-1.” The name stands for 50 states, 50 peaks, 1 goal. Adbiz came up with a branding strategy for the event that could be translated easily into a website, promotional materials, t-shirts, banners, posters, etc. They also needed a way to convince sponsors that this event was a great way to show their support in the fight against cancer.

Working together with the Climb For Cancer Foundation, we created a successful brand for the “50-50-1” event using the traditional red, white, and blue motif to gain some national solidarity in the fight against the disease. The logo design was then carried over into a website where users could sign up for the event and gather donations.

We created full-color posters and flyers that climbing team members could download at high-resolution and have printed themselves locally to help spread the word about their climbing team. We also created a sample press release that they could use to submit to their local news media including print, online, television, and radio. Along with the online resources, each team was set up with full-color banners to display once they were on the summit in their state, along with t-shirts for those participating to celebrate the historic day.

The Adbiz team also took the time to join the Florida climbing team. Not much of a climb here, since our state’s highest peak is at 348 feet. Nonetheless, we had the pleasure of meeting some great people, several of whom were cancer survivors, and together we joined to help fight a disease that affects us all.

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